Field Marketing Class Schedule April 12, 2023

Field Marketing Class Schedule 4.17.2023

Field Marketing Class Schedule April 17th – 21st


Day of the week Date Time


Title/Topic Location Instructor
Monday 4/17/2023 10 am  

Prospect Square Overview


Teams Link  

Kendra Hassan


Tuesday 4/18/2023 1 pm MoxiWebsites 103 (using Builder and Templates) Teams Link  

Brooke Emshoff


Tuesday 4/18/2023 2 pm  

Marketing Center 101


Teams Link  

Reilly Zimmerman


Wednesday 4/19/2023 10 am  

Market Your Listings with MoxiImpress


Teams Link  

Laura Pagel


Wednesday 4/19/2023 12 pm  

MoxiPresent: CMA in Five Easy Steps


Teams Link  

Leah Scott


Wednesday 4/19/2023 1 pm Manage your Prospect Square Contact List to Ensure you are Reaching the Right Audience Teams Link  

Janice Greenberg


Wednesday 4/19/2023 1 pm  

Prospect Square Market Reports


Teams Link  

Nichole Blanton


Thursday 4/20/2023 1 pm Automated Geographic Farming (corefact) Overview Teams Link  

Mandy Dean


Thursday 4/20/2023 1 pm Marketquest V2 Teams Link Connie Lewis
Thursday 4/20/2023 3 pm Customize your May Prospect Square Newsletter – now open for editing! Teams Link  

Andy Shore


Friday 4/21/2023 11 am Turning Lead Magnets into Leads Teams Link Bridgett Campbell / Mandy Dean


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Dates, times, and locations are subject to change. Please reference CBU for the most up-to-date information.


If you have any questions about local learning, please reach out to me, your Field Marketing Specialist.


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