Marketing Tip of the Week April 17, 2023

Marketing Tip of the Week 4.17.2023


We are so excited to have the Listing Concierge YouTube Ads running! Please note the following is how the timeline works on the ads:

  • You will receive an email from the Listing Concierge Coordinator when your YouTube ad is ready to review.
    • Once you receive it, log in and review the ad by going into your order and clicking on “YouTube Advertising.”
    • At this time, you can edit the photos and the property description if needed.
    • When complete, click “Submit to Production”
  • Your video will then be produced and returned for you to view back in the system within 15 minutes.
  • Please make sure to log back in and review the video right away in case you will need to make any further edits. You will have 24 hours from the time you first submitted to make additional edits. If you do not make any changes within the 24-hour window, your ad will be posted to YouTube as-is within 3 business days.
  • IF YOUR LISTING ISN’T LIVE IN THE MLS YET – Please Do Not Approve the AD until it is live!!!!

If you have any further questions on how this works, please feel free to reach out! You can also view more information about the YouTube Ads HERE.